What is difference between Arduino UNO R3 and Arduino UNO R3 SMD ?

Arduino UNO R3Arduino UNO R3 SMD


If we are talking about the original Made in Italy Arduino boards, then there is no difference between Arduino UNO R3 and Arduino UNO R3 SMD in terms of functionality / number of outputs etc.

The UNO R3 is on the edge because it provides replaceable DIP ATmega328 IC. So in case you manage to burn your Arduino Board, you just need to replace the MCU IC instead of buying whole new board.

So, why is SMD version available ?

Arduino UNO is a success because of its popularity and since it is easy to program. Many people make projects using Arduino UNO. But in case the user wants to scale up fast, for example make 100s (or even 1000s) of products based on Arduino UNO, using the SMD Chip is the best solution because PCBA Factories can assemble SMD components very fast (and cheap) compared to the Through-hole ones.

Why SMD Arduino is Cheaper than the DIP one ?

  • Because it is cheaper and fast to do PCBA

  • The cost of DIP IC is higher than SMD IC

    • Because the size of IC is very large, and generally the same Silicon Die Size will be used in both the chips, the length of gold wires which needs to be connected from silicon die to the IC Package Pins are longer for DIP. Also, the increased size of Metal and Plastic will increase the cost.

Is the SMD IC same as the DIP in terms of functionality ?

Yes. But SMD may have extra features.

DIP Packaging is a 1980s technology. And since its cost is also high compared to SMD, Microchip (the maker of ATmega Chips) has many more variations of ATmegas in SMD Package.

You can look here -

  • ATmega328P (SMD) - Provides 2 more Analog Input compared to DIP
  • ATmega328PB (SMD) - In Addition to above ATmega328P SMD, ATmega328PB SMD provides one additional hardware UART / SPI / I2C Interface.
  • ATmega2560 (SMD) - The Arduino Mega Chip > 80 IO Pins

In case if you want to get the full potential of ATmega328P and ATmega328PB Chips, you can have look at our Smartduino UNO R3s.